Sarah Armstrong

Joining me on the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast on Monday, December 6th, from 1-2PT is author Sarah Armstrong.

Let’s Meet Sarah.

To begin with, Sarah Armstrong is a good divorce proponent and author of The Mom’s Guide to a Good Divorce. She is vice president, global marketing operations, at Google. Sarah is the proud mom of Grace, and now attending college. She is a mentor to other women in business, and a longtime volunteer at various nonprofit organizations. They include Jack & Jill Late Stage Cancer Foundation, Georgetown Alumni Admissions Program, and Trinity Table Soup Kitchen.

Her personal mission is offering strategies and tips to moms (and dads) on how they too can have a good divorce.  She is focused on promoting the virtues of a good divorce if divorce is the only way forward.

The Mom’s Guide to a Good Divorce.


About the book:

After going through what she terms a collaborative divorce, she wrote her book. Including in the title, “What to Think Through When Children Are Involved.” The guidance in this book is written in a conversational tone from one mom to another and is served up in bite-sized pieces.  It is meant to prepare the reader for the discussions you need to have. Along with the decisions you need to make while keeping your children as the focus. And at the same time, prioritizing yourself as well.  Her book is a blueprint for every stage of the pre-post-divorce process to help moms through the challenges of divorce.   Ultimately, the goal is for the reader to be able to put their experience in the category of a “good divorce.”


In Closing.

Therefore, once parents commit to doing everything they can to ease their children into the new reality, Sarah firmly believes that having a “good divorce” is possible.

Tune in to hear more!

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