Shannon Wallis

Joining me on the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast on August 2nd from 1-2 PT is Shannon Wallis.

Let’s Meet Shannon.

To begin with, Shannon is a business acceleration consultant and coach.  She works with leaders to create strategies and build capabilities that achieve results.  Prior to founding Cascade Leadership, Shannon was the global director of high-potential leadership development at Microsoft and the chief architect of an award-winning global leadership program.

Also, Shannon has contributed to six books on leadership and talent management which can be found on her website.  She serves on the advisory board of United Planet. Their mission is to create a world in which all people understand, respect, and support one another.

As you will hear, Shannon believes anything is possible and change is a series of baby steps taken along a path to transformation.  In 2002, without any prior hiking experience, Shannon had a life-changing experience. She walked the 500-mile El Camino de Santiago, Spain.  How did those lessons play a part in her recently released book?

WE the Change: Launching Big Ideas And Creating New Realities.


Shannon’s #1 International Best Seller was published this past March, during the pandemic.  Inspired by a desire to leave her daughters a lasting legacy, WE the Change: Launching Big Ideas and Creating New Realities emerged as an extraordinary roadmap for anyone yearning to transform their life, organization, or community.  As a result, her book is filled with hands-on step-by-step lessons, including an exceptional workbook to chart your journey.  She provides the tools to make it happen.  Here is an example:  “Anything is possible if You Just Say Yes.”

Above all, Shannon believes anything is possible and change is a series of baby steps taken along a path to transformation.

What happens if you feel stuck?

“Are you ready to make change happen?   It’s time to make the impossible possible.”

Tune in to hear how we can unpack past failures to contribute to the success of our current efforts.

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