The Mighty Marilyn McLaughlin

My  guest this Monday, September 26, 2016 is Marilyn McLaughlin.You will have the opportunity to hear and watch her story on or from 1-2 PT. The archived show will be available later in the afternoon for your listening and viewing pleasure.

What happens when you grow up in a musical family?  Do you high tail it and run as far away from performing as you can, or do you embrace that hertitage and go for the gusto? Guess what she did?

Marilyn is highly energetic because she has so many talents and interests. While very extroverted she also has a calm peaceful inner soul where she finds her quiet reflections.

She has multiple degrees that have provided her with the backbone to take her dance, music and stage training and capitalize it in a whole new way.

Marilyn understands that movement, in whatever form, is vital to a healthy lifestyle. She has created her own business, to assist individuals one on one with their fitness goals and classes that do the same.

This photo really says it all.I am particularly excited to hear about her drumming classes. Now if you are thinking Ringo Starr, think again. This is drumming with mediation at its core.Bucket up everyone for an hour of fun, you won’t be dissappointed!