The Oscar Goes To…Reflections

Today is special for many reasons and it’s all good. While I am not up for any awards, I thought about the word reflection as I seem to be caught up in a major personal growth spurt. Sometimes along with growth spurts come growing pains.

I’ve actually be known to be a pain to others, not intentionally, mind you. I don’t think anyone really intends to be annoying, but I know understanding my own Born To Talk sensibilities can be a good thing and a bad thing when not used with discretion. I’m a work in progress.

My world of communication has taken on its own personality, not only on my weekly Born To Talk Radio show but in this blog as well.  Then you add photography and another language develops within me.

Many life events have shaped me into the person I am today. Many people have contributed to my growth especially over these past 7 years.

I thought it was important to express some philosophical thoughts as a way of also sharing some reflections!

I mentioned last week that I had visited Malibu Beach. It was a gorgeous day. If you look closely you can see a surfer amongst the birds!Off I went with my friend Jen, in search of the unknown.  The tide was out at the Lagoon area but it still provided some reflection and that’s what this is all about, Alfie.While the Great Egret wasn’t exactly reflecting…it was the first sighting of the day.And now it starts. The prancing, fishing and fooling around of the water birds!

Those are some mighty big shoes to fill by the Ring-billed Gull. Hey, didn’t I see you last week in Marina del Rey?I don’t care how good my National Audubon Society Field Guild to Birds book is, I still misidentify. I believe this is a reflection of a Marbled Godwit.And it’s even more amazing as it trolls the sand for something to eat.I don’t know what this skinny legged bird is (experts, Lawford, Russ?) but I do recognize that stance!! Maybe that’s too much information! I told you this was about reflections.I believe these are Royal Terns. They totally cracked me up. I’m trying to think of the movie star from a million years ago that had “hair” like theirs. I feel like it was a doctor show from yesteryear!I wanted to take him home with me. Well not really, but I wish they fed on bird seed; I’ve got the perfect yard for them.We have lift off…They’re up!Up. This is admittedly obscure.  I see the word Mom…Yet another reflection.Up.Then they’re down.What a magnificent day filled with surprises, friendship and the hope for the future. This by the way was a valentine that stood the test of time by still looking like love was in all the right places. I’m Jes Sayin’Don’t waste that extra day…February 29th won’t be back for 4 more years!! It’s a gift!

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