The Scott Martin Podcast

Scott Martin, better known as Scotty Claus today, was my featured guest on the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast.

In reflection.

After listening to Scott Martin, today I had many visions and thoughts about his life and stories.  My thought at the end of the show was, Scott Martin is a Renaissance man

Scott is well educated both in the US and internationally in Japan, Italy, and Thailand. He is a mediator, landscape architect, and entrepreneur.

Show Highlights include:

How did Scott’s landscape career with Resologics turn into a mediation career?

What part did Rotary International play in his goals and opportunities?

What does it mean to be a 2017 International Peace Fellow?

Learn about what Mediators Beyond Borders does, and how they have partnered with Rotary International.

What else does Scott do?  Have you ever thought about “renting” a Christmas tree? Imagine what that would be like, knowing that you will just water and care for it.  Go ahead and decorate and enjoy the smells.  Then, instead of dumping it in the recycling bin, they’ll pick it up and continue to care for it. Mark Cuban from Shark Tank, thought it was a great idea and invested in his Living Christmas Tree Company.

Scott’s goals for Mediators Beyond Borders:

“I would like to see a greater range of professions identifying themselves as mediators. I would like to see doctors, teachers, engineers, architects like myself, and many others. In reality, you are meditating all the time- regardless of your field.   To the extent that MBBI can invite non-traditional professions to move towards mediation through dialogue, facilitation, I strongly believe that MBBI and positive peace can grow exponentially rather than incrementally.”

You can reach out to Scott at if you’d like to learn more. Perhaps he is the perfect person to visit your community to share his Peace Keeping and Mediating skills.

This show is filled with understanding and hope, without judgment. Scott will take us on his journey from the little boy at age 11 that liked to plant things in the garden as a baby sitter, to the man he is today that plants a different kind of seed. The seed of Peace.

Enjoy the show and tell your friends!

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