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Gerri Knilans

Thank you Gerri Knilans for joining me on The Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast.  Gerri is the President, Owner, and Co-Founder of Trade Press Services. Trade Press Services. Gerri’s mission is “Working Together to Build Your Business.”  They deliver content marketing and media outreach. For example, providing vital marketing support their clients need to…

Ambika Devi

Thank you Ambika Devi for joining me on the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast. Meet Ambika. To begin with, Ambika is an International-Award-Winning Best Selling Author, Meditation Jedi, Astrologer, Speaker, and Wizard. She has taught at levels from kindergarten through university for 21 years. Her topics include a wide variety of subjects. They include…

Peggy Lanum

Thank you Peggy Lanum for joining me on the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast. To begin with, Peggy has a Master’s Degree in Organizational Psychology and is a certified Human Resource Professional.  Her company, Better Working Together, LLC consults with companies nationally.  Since the pandemic, she is hearing recurring comments that we are not okay….