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My guest on today’s episode of the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast was Mike Bernstein. To begin with, Mike has been determined since he was 8 years old and began long-distance running.   When he was told with his asthma he was going to be limited, he said, “never say can’t!” He has taken that same passion for long-distance running, including being a tri-athlete to being prepared for his business. Namely, it’s a mindset and dedication.

Mike is the Owner of Bernstein Financial Services and the author of The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Personal Finances.  What are the keys to a powerful financial strategy? He has a proven strategy called “The Big 6 of Stable Personal Finance.” 

As a result of over 33 years of experience in helping his clients, Mike recognized that a guidebook could be very helpful in assisting his clients in making informed decisions regarding their finances. Here are those 6 categories covered in this 80 page, a very consumable book designed to give you a starting point for your personal finances.

  1. Cash Flow Planning  2.  Insurance Planning  3.  Retirement Planning  4.  College Planning  5.  Estate Planning  6.  Tax Planning.

As he mentioned, depending on your age and marital status, these may not all apply to you. However, if you want to be prepared and have financial security this is a great book to start that process and conversation with your family members and professionals.


To begin with, get your cash flow planning in order.  Keep a monthly spreadsheet that lets you know month to month what you can expect in income and expenses. As an example, even if you pay something quarterly or semi-annually, break it down from month to month, so you’re not surprised.

Next, the more organized you are, the better it is for you and your accountant.

Your taxes shouldn’t be a surprise.

Talk with your main trusted advisor on which of the other 5 need makes sense at this point in your life.

See yourself as the quarterback on your team and get past any roadblocks. Just take one step at a time.

Above all, ask questions, that’s the way you learn.

Lastly, surround yourself with positive experts who are positive influencers in your life.

This book may be just the introduction you need to start that conversation!

Here’s to your financial future!

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