What’s It All About, Alfie?

Did you make any resolutions for 2018?  How are they going for you?  I don’t set out to deliberately make resolutions, probably because I set out with intentions every day before I get out of bed.

On this #WednesdayWisdom day, I have decided to approach it with a plan. Much like the lyrics from the movie Alfie, “What’s it all about, Alfie?”  Isn’t it a good idea to have a plan?

What’s the difference between having a plan and spontaneity?  Can the two coexist? This is how I see it. I plan for spontaneity. There are days, where the wiggle room is much tighter; obligations and responsibilities are time sensitive. But what about those other days, when the wiggle room is large and the opportunity to just “be” is possible?

On those days, when the sky is the limit…

I grab my cameras and out I go in search of Mother Nature’s gifts.  I have #MyHappyPlace locations that delight me and fill me with awe.

But as the lyrcis say, “What’s it all about?” How often do you find yourself searching?

Where is the balance? The second word of the day I used last year and a constant work in progress.

Do you eat well?  Me: Not as well as I “should.”

Do you get enough rest? Me: Pretty much.

Do you engage in satisfying work? Me: Always.

Do you have a support network? Me: Most definitely and frankly I’m not sure how I would navigate the ripples in my life without the wonderful friends and family that I’ve come to trust and rely on.

Here is my plan today:

  • Replace the batteries in my smoke detectors, because they started beeping. Once I figured out where the noise was coming from, I enlisted the help of a neighbor.  Sure, I could probably climb up to the top of a ladder to do that, but I’m not going to. Love my neighbors!
  • Be purposeful, by adding a Blog that’s just about me and What’s It All About?
  • Trip planning with my family for an Alaskan Cruise this June with my brother, his wife, her brother and his wife. A bucket list experience that I’m so excited about.

As I mentioned, I have fantastic friends. I use their wisdom and adapt their ideas whenever possible.

Let me leave you with this Mantra that my friend Charlie lives by:

Love, Forgive, Share, Productive, Compassion and Gratitude

Until next time…

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