Dan McKegney & His Family Storytelling Project

On Monday, January 15th, my friend, Dan McKegney will be returning as my guest on the Born To Talk Radio Show. You can listen and watch starting at 1:00 PT on LA Talk Live and Ustream.  The last time he was with me was on my 4th week as a broadcaster in 2015.

I’m looking forward to sharing his story with you. Dan is originally from Western New York and found his way to Southern California, while attending Nichols School in Buffalo, Denison University in Columbus, and Saint Mary’s College in Oakland, where he graduated with a Masters of Arts Leadership Studies degree. He also is an accredited Values Coach in the Hall-Tonna Values & Leadership Development program.

Dan’s career to date has been spent working with organizations that employ sports programs to expose young people to character education and fitness.  He intends to exploit his leadership and organizational development capacities to expand sports sociology initiatives as Executive Director of Westcoast Sports Associates.

The only things exceeding Dan’s passion for education and the power of sports, are his personal relationships. If you were to ask him what he likes, he would tell you that he is a life-long learner who stays active writing, giving speeches, running on the boardwalks, yoga, sports and most importantly building valuable friendships. Dan and I met at our Speakers By The Sea, Toastmasters Club several years ago. I’ve learned a lot from him in Toastmasters and it doesn’t surprise me that he is a great storyteller and a respected leader.

We are dedicating this show to the legacy of his grandfather, Edgar Lowry McKegney, known affectionately, as Grandpa Lowry. 2017, marked what would have been his 100th birthday.

Dan decided in honor of his grandpa, to start a Storytelling Project with the input from family members to share their stories about this remarkable man and capture them for everyone to read and share.

Perhaps marrying Vyshna this past summer played a part in the storytelling adventure of how richly blended diverse family members share in the McKegney legacy. Dan will be sharing how these stories have impacted his life and the members of his family.

Maybe after watching our show, you will be inspired to take the written journey and exploration into your own family.

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