Patrice Springer

Joining me on April 25th, from 1-2 PT on the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast, is Patrice Springer.

Let’s meet Patrice.

She was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Patrice has American Indian blood running through her veins. Her grandmother was born in the Sandia Pueblo in New Mexico and her roots run deep.  A lifelong educator, Patrice spent 30 years in Los Angeles Unified School District wearing many different hats. These include a secretary, a teacher, a television producer, and a news reporter.  She taught in gyms, housing developments, department stores, bungalows; places that provided classrooms that people felt comfortable being in–she went out to the community.

Although she is retired from the district, Patrice continues to follow her passion for helping people succeed. She is a Rotarian, a club whose motto is “Service Above Self.” Patrice is someone who not only “talks the talk, but walks the walk.”  Patrice is the Executive Director of Your Image 20/20.

Your Image 20/20.

Your Image 20/20 is committed to providing professional business clothing to individuals entering the job market who have been marginalized and affected by chronic unemployment, drug/alcohol abuse, incarceration, and homelessness. Imagine how someone that doesn’t have professional clothing must feel, to visit “the closet” and walk out not only with clothing but also the guidance that Patrice can offer. This young man was going to a job fair.

Patrice also partners with P.A.T.H. (People Assisting The Homeless). Its mission is to end homelessness for individuals, families, and communities.  
Your Image 20/20 also receives donated gently used clothing. To further their commitment to helping communities, clothing that is not professional clothing is donated to organizations such as PATH, to distribute to their communities.

In Closing.

As Patrice continues to “roam” the streets of Los Angeles her intention is to help people feel good about themselves, both inside and out. She looks for the positive things that are happening and then works harder to make them even better. She always wants to be a person that affects change for the better.

Patrice is a giver and you will hear why this is so important to her and why she helps others.


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