The Word Today is Reunion

The word today is Reunion.

Let’s define Reunion.  According to the Mirriam-Webster Dictionary:




reunion usually refers to a gathering of folks who haven’t seen each other for a long time. High school reunions are notorious for reuniting middle-aged people who are anxious to relive their high school years. Hmm…who are they calling middle-aged folks?!!! Plus, for many of us, we got together 2 short years ago.


Where do you fit in, with those memories? Here’s what I’ve learned about planning many many class reunions. We may have not even known each other in school, but what we all share in common…Drop Drills, Air Raid alerts at 10:00 on the last Friday of the month, the Good Humor Ice Cream Man, Helm’s Bakery trucks driving up and down the street with the best do-nuts ever, kick the can, bomb shelters, assassinations, budding friendships, the beach,  homeroom, lockers, learning to drive, going to dances, the Turtles our homegrown band, and The Beach Boys. Add The British Invasion, Motown, then in a blink of an eye, we’re 17 or 18 and graduating from Westchester High School. This link will take you to our school today, 52 years after we graduated.

Does it Matter?

So, does it really matter, if we knew each other…not really?  Look at the time we spent in school starting in 1954 until we graduated in 1967! Grateful to be Happy Together as we celebrate our good fortune of entering yet another decade!!

Nothing speaks louder than a Big Birthday Bash Class Reunion, with a bunch of “old kids.” We have no idea how this happened, one day we’re off to school with our lunch bag, hoping to just go out and play on the yard, then our body starts changing, who saw that coming?  For some, voices deepen, shapes change, braces, and before you know it, you’re standing at your locker and wondering what book to take to class.

Back in the day, our school like other Los Angeles City Schools had graduations in February and June each year depending upon your birthday, and when you entered kindergarten. We continue to reunite every 5 years, with one exception, our 35th. Just prior to our 50th reunion, we had a Medicare reunion, makes sense, we were all turning 65! Fast forward to 2017 when we had our 50th.




It just makes sense that the year of 1949, should be celebrated. While most of us just whisper that number, shhh seventy, the reality is, we are thrilled to gather and be together.




Regardless of where you grew up, I recommend attending class reunions. Some might say, “those are the last memories I want to conjure up.” “I hated High School.” “No one would remember me, I was a wallflower.” It’s totally understandable that we each take our own memories, good, bad, or ugly on our life journies. It’s not the same for everyone, I totally respect and understand that. It’s just an avenue. The choice is yours. No judgment!

Let the party begin!

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