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My Wild Kingdom

I keep saying that I need to finish my traveling stories to Turkey and Greece and I will. There is much to share about those fascinating countries. But, I’m in OMG Radio mode, because my show Born To Talk Radio premires in 3 short days on latalklive.com.  It’s a one hour show from 1-2 PT….

Taking a Departure from Europe

My last few blogs have been about travel, but today my focus is on my future! I’ll be back to travel soon. It’s a time of new beginnings both in nature and also in my personal life.  It’s so nice to see how spring sprung while I was gone. Let’s start with the yard! Blossom…

My Life Through A Lens

I’m finding an additional voice through photography on this journey in the Blog World. So many people write blogs today, you name it, from Politics and Economics to Mommies and Medicine. I don’t seem to land in those categories, it appears based on my photos that I have landed somewhere else with my new friend,…

The Flamingo Habitat

What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas; so goes the slogan.  That seems to suggest, that your good time should remain a secret.  I suppose if you’re hiding something that may work, but I’ve got a secret that I am going to share. The Flamingo Hotel is more than just a place to stay and…

Running On Empty

You know the commercial, What’s in Your Wallet?” Like many brands, that want your attention, they have attracted notable stars; Alec Baldwin, Samuel L. Jackson and now Jennifer Garner. It hasn’t made me personally sign up for a card, but I do notice the clever way they entice you into considering the product they’re promoting….

Sadness In The Yard

You know, I’ve spent a lot of time talking about my Wild Kingdom.  My love for the wild birds started sometime ago.  Actually, as I reflect back, this feeding habit started after my husband died in 2009.  He wouldn’t have liked the mess that all these birds can cause, mostly sweeping up seeds and peanut…

The Saga Continues!

Do you remember from early days of cartoons, the reference to Eat at Joe’s?  I wondered if that was just faulty memory.  Today there is no such thing as a memory lapse, when the answer is just a click away. I was happy to read the following: Joe’s Diner was a popular Los Angeles eatery…